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The Orthodontist of Whittier team is committed to providing the highest quality orthodontic care to all our patients. Our team of accredited doctors and professional, compassionate staff work hard to provide precision dentistry and excellence in orthodontic care.

What Type of Braces is Best for Me?

Braces are types of oral appliances that help straighten the teeth and improve your bite and the overall function and health of your upper and lower jawbones. There are several types of braces, and our experienced team will help determine what your options are and what type of braces is best for your unique needs.

In the past, metal braces were the only option patients had. But with advanced technology, we can provide multiple options to our Whittier orthodontic patients. These include traditional metal braces, ceramic and porcelain braces, or Invisalign® clear aligners.

How Do Traditional Metal Braces Work?

Traditional metal braces use brackets that are bonded to the teeth. With traditional metal braces, all major components (brackets and archwire) are made of metal. A long archwire fits into the brackets, and rubber bands hold the archwire in place. The archwire is what helps guide the teeth to shift into the correct position.

What’s the Difference between Metal Braces and Ceramic or Porcelain Braces?

With ceramic and porcelain braces, the brackets are made of ceramic or porcelain and look white or clear, so we can make them match the shade of your teeth. These braces use the same components as traditional braces but are less visible.

Who Can Use Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

Invisalign® is a great option for children, teens, and adults. Many people love this option because they are barely noticeable. The clear aligners look like whitening trays and fit over your teeth. You wear them at least 22 hours per day.

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Why Do I Need Braces?

There are two reasons to get braces: medical and cosmetic.

If you have crooked or crowded teeth or teeth with gaps, braces in Whittier can correct the problem. While this will give you a straighter, more esthetically pleasing smile, it can also do much to protect your oral health.

Bite misalignment – whether it is a misalignment of the teeth, jawbones, or both – can cause a lot of damage. It can contribute to:

  • Cracked, chipped, or broken teeth due to uneven pressure on the teeth
  • Difficulty flossing and brushing
  • Increased risk of decay
  • Higher risk of gum disease
  • TMJ disorder
  • Headaches
  • Jaw tenderness

Realigning the bite will balance the pressure on your jaw joints and teeth and make it easier to practice proper oral home care.

When Should I (or My Child) First See a Whittier Orthodontist?

We recommend that children receive an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven. Your child may or may not need treatment at that time, but the evaluation will help us monitor the function of their teeth and jaw to determine whether they need treatment in their teen years.

This is not to say that adults cannot get braces. On the contrary, we say: better late than never! Fixing bite issues can protect your teeth, gums, and jaw joints from damage and disease. Adult orthodontic treatment might take a bit longer, but it is just as effective in promoting optimal oral health.

How Much Do Braces in Whittier Cost?

Orthodontic treatment starts at around $3,000 and will vary depending on the type of orthodontic treatment you choose and how much treatment is needed.

Dental insurance companies will often pay for part of the cost of treatment for patients under the age of 18 if there is a medical need for treatment. In most cases, insurance companies will not cover cosmetic procedures. Insurance companies also do not tend to offer orthodontic coverage to patients over 18. Contact your insurance provider to learn whether they will cover orthodontic treatment for you or your family.

If they do not, we offer a variety of third-party financing options that can translate into affordable braces payment options that will allow you to get started with treatment right away.

Metal Braces Whittier CA

How to Choose the Best Whittier Orthodontist

Word of mouth is a great way to find an excellent Whittier orthodontist. Talk to your friends, family, and work colleagues to see who they might recommend. Next, search online reviews. They can be a great source of information regarding the level of service and personality of the dentists and their team.

Once you find an orthodontist, make sure they are board-certified. The extra training they receive to become certified will help ensure that you receive the best orthodontic care.

We welcome you to schedule an appointment for a consultation to get to know our friendly team and find out how Dr. Hamid can help you get a straighter smile.

Do you have more questions about the orthodontic process? We are happy to answer all your questions. Contact our team to schedule a consultation.


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