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Dr. Hamid Barkhordar, DDS, MMSc, is a skilled, experienced dentist and orthodontist who loves to help patients of all ages achieve optimal oral health. Whether your child, teen, you, or even your parents need orthodontic care, you can be sure that Dr. Hamid and his team will provide you with the highest-quality orthodontic treatment that specifically fits your needs.

He truly loves to see his patients leave the office with a brand-new smile. He is dedicated to keeping up with the latest orthodontic advances to help even the toughest of cases.

Education and Accreditation of Dr. Hamid

Dr. Hamid started his dental career by attending the University of Southern California School of Dentistry. Following his graduation from USC, he attended Harvard School of Dental Medicine to receive training in orthodontics.

Even with all this education behind him, Dr. Hamid is committed to lifelong learning in the field of orthodontics. He is always up to date on the latest orthodontic tools, techniques, and technology. You can have confidence knowing that Dr. Hamid will provide you with exceptional care in his state-of-the-art orthodontic practice in Whittier.

Dr. Hamid has also taken the time to travel to Columbia to offer humanitarian dental assistance to poverty-stricken communities. He is highly committed to helping as many people as he can to obtain the best dental and orthodontic care.

Dr Hamid's Education and Accreditation
Dr Hamid's Values

Our Values

Dr. Hamid had founded his orthodontic practice on his core values, which everyone on our team works hard to uphold. These values are the basis for every decision we make, from whom to hire to what investments to make.

Our commitment to every patient is to provide the highest quality care with the most affordable pricing plan. We will never compromise the quality of the care we provide. And every patient that walks through our door is treated with compassion, respect, kindness, and care.

The goal of everyone working in the Orthodontist of Whittier office is to help our patients achieve:

  • A beautiful new smile
  • Optimal oral health
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
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Dr. Hamid Is Dedicated to Providing You with Optimal Oral Health Care

Orthodontics is an important part of oral health. Without it, your teeth and jaw can become misaligned. When your bite is off, it adds extra pressure to your teeth, as well as the jaw joints and facial muscles. This can cause a tremendous amount of pain, chronic headaches, and even cracked or broken teeth. Dr. Hamid does not want you to experience that! He and his team are dedicated to helping you achieve better oral health so you can live a happy, healthy, comfortable life.

Would you like Dr. Hamid to help you attain a straighter smile? Contact us today!